Support Teams – The Backbone of Simply


Melita Azzopardi, Legal Support Manager

Tell us about your Simply journey.

I have worked for Simply for 6 years in April. I started as a Legal Support Administrator, then became a Legal Support Supervisor and then became Legal Support Manager.

What is the Legal Support Team, and what do they do?

The Legal Support team are the connecting team between sales and lawyers. They provide vital admin support for the whole company covering various administration tasks that include opening the initial file onto the case management system and inputting client information, preparing draft contracts, calling mortgage lenders, printing and filing for all three Simply offices, handling incoming calls and logging daily incoming post on the case management system (to name a few tasks!).

What is Senior Legal Support, and what difference does it make?

Senior Legal Support provides vital support to lawyers by helping them with all of their chasing tasks and taking 50% of their calls each day. Feedback from the lawyers that have experience support from SLS has been really positive. They say it gives them time to breathe and catch up with the legal work. We currently have 11 colleagues in Legal Support and 4 in Senior Legal Support.

Why are support teams so important at Simply?

Support teams are critical throughout the business. This includes Legal Support and SLS and the Post Room, Post Exchange, Post Completion, etc. Without the support of these teams, lawyers would be dealing with their files from start to finish, and it would take them away from doing the legal work they are trained to do and the work they enjoy.

 What has been your proudest moment at Simply?

I have proud moments every day when I see how my teams all pull together and really support each other. The office is never short of laughter.