Phil Spencer – viewings help agents so why charge for them?


Viewings are in the news right now and with good reason.

As the impact of the stamp duty holiday fades, and transaction volumes and price rises moderate, so agents need to use tools like viewings to better effect than ever – they are, literally, a showcase for the property you’re trying to sell.

Estate Agent today: The viewing is a crucial part of the marketing strategy for competing agents: it’s often overlooked as if every viewing is the same. But it’s not – get it right, and do it better than the competition, and it can help homes sell more quickly and create that word of mouth reputation that helps your business get an edge.

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Phil Spencer – how viewings help agents as well as buyers and sellers

I’m a keen fan of innovation in the property industry, especially if it modernises and simplifies our way-too-complicated system of buying and selling. But charging £30 to view a home? The potential for bad publicity, and the confusion of agents acting for sellers yet receiving income from buyers for a viewing, smacks of complication and possible pitfalls.